What Our Members Say About Us...

"Thank you for your continued devotion to us. I am going to be starting my 20th year and I truly believe one of the reasons I am not only still in business, but actually doing fine in this economy is membership of NACTA." Susan B. Banks, Faith & Begorra, Denville, NJ

"From networking to solving problems, NACTA can save you time and, most importantly, money. Whether you have a large or small Irish/Celtic shop, being a member of NACTA is invaluable".
Hughie and Tina McBride, Fenwick Float-ors, Selbyville, DE

"We are so lucky to have NACTA! I truly appreciate all the work you do and the extra attention you give to each and every one of us to help us with business concerns and issues. I would feel so alone without NACTA. It's encouraging knowing that there's a network of people willing to help. Thank you." Linda Keady, Celtic Rainbow Gifts, Bar Harbor, ME

"I cannot imagine any Irish / Celtic store not taking advantage of a NACTA membership. The product information, networking and programs they offer have been a great source of increased sales for our business. We have taken advantage of the Celtic Wedding, CIE Tours, Home to Ireland promotions and more and have benefited from each".
Betty Rohman, Harp & Thistle Imports, Peoria Heights, IL

"NACTA's Member Forum got me a $200 sale! My customer wanted a limited edition painting, but the vendor was sold out. Through the NACTA website I was able to find someone who had the painting, sold it to me at her cost, and I made the sale. Fellow members have been equally willing to share advice, suggestions and tips based on their experience."
Margaret McLemore, Irish Traditions, Easton, MD

"We have been members of NACTA since we opened our doors eight years ago. Our confidence in the organization has only grown over the years. The promotions have all been profitable with minimal effort on our part. An immeasurable positive impact on the bottom line has been the networking with the other NACTA members at the Trade show meetings and networking sessions. All have provided us with knowledge keeping us at the forefront of changes in the retail market. Our association with NACTA has been an enjoyable, professional, helpful experience and a tremendous value for the dues paid.
Steve and Barbara Hand, Legends of the Celts, Hayward, WI

"Once again... Thank You NACTA!"
Suzi Perri, Suzi's Woollies, Anchorage, AK

"Being a NACTA member has saved me hundreds of dollars over and above what it costs for my membership. They have provided me with opportunities that would be impossible for me to do on my own. I know several merchants in my town that would love to have the same opportunities".
Ilene Moss, All Things Irish, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Being a member of NACTA has become an invaluable asset to the success of our store. We have been members since we opened nearly 10 years ago and to this day I am amazed of the never-ending benefits that NACTA has to offer. Through the hard work of the association, a large and powerful network has been built and each member contributes to this pool of knowledge and experience that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Each year NACTA puts together seminars as well as other tools that allow business owners to continually acquire more knowledge which is one of the largest challenges to many small business owners today. To enter into business without being a member of NACTA would be a large handicap to any store."
Lillie O'Connor Shobe, Kerreen O'Connor's Irish Shop, Littleton, CO.