Become a Member of NACTA

Every business guide will tell you that joining a trade association makes good sense, and NACTA members certainly agree!

The North American Celtic Trade Association (NACTA) is the trade association for the Celtic market in North America. Membership is open to storefront retailers who sell predominantly Celtic products, as well as manufacturers, distributors and other interested entities.

NACTA's mission is to facilitate communication among businesses involved in Celtic retailing in the USA and Canada and to develop and implement programs of value to its members. As a member you will:

  • Receive our print newsletter and E-newsletter, which keeps you updated on what's going on in the trade and in your association.
  • Be aware of upcoming trade shows and events important to Celtic retailers.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in NACTA promotions and initiatives.
  • Be entitled to member discounts.
  • Be eligible to avail of Exclusive Products programs offered by manufacturers to NACTA members only.
  • Be a member of a vibrant network in this niche market - a valuable resource as you grow your business.
  • Have access to the NACTA office at any time - whether to seek assistance in sourcing products, to seek a referral on a particular issue, or simply to check on upcoming events.
  • Have access to the Members Area of our website, which offers you instant connection to fellow retailers and vendors, access to tried and tested retailing tips guaranteed to drive business to your store, updates on member promotions and special offers from vendors, up to the minute news on events, trade shows and topics of relevance to you and your business and a Members Forum where you can post questions, source products, and participate in discussions with fellow Celtic retailers regarding issues important to you. 

In short, membership of NACTA is a very good idea for anyone in the Celtic market. Here are some other benefits you will enjoy:

Networking: NACTA members cite networking with fellow retailers as one of the most valuable benefits of membership. You will be amazed at how willing folks are to share ideas and help each other out. Our Shop Talk workshop at Celtic Marketplace Trade Show simply buzzes with energy and information as members discuss issues and get tips and advice from each other. We facilitate networking at every opportunity.

Educational Seminars: Held at Celtic Marketplace Trade Show, NACTA seminars receive fave reviews and are fast, focused and free of charge to members.

Website Development: This initiative is designed to assist members in developing a website or improving and maintaining an existing website. It offers a worry-free solution making it easier and less expensive to build an online business. Members have access to a unique image bank and other resources.

Training Programs: Our Jewellery Accreditation Program is designed to help members improve and increase their fine jewellery business by teaching them the skills of a retail jewellery professional. To sell fine jewellery you need to be fluent in the 'language' of jewellery, be armed with product knowledge and know how to implement proven sales techniques. This training program gives our members the knowledge and confidence to sell jewellery to their most astute customer with confidence and ease.

The Member Forum: on our website lets members post messages and questions. When they need a product that they don't carry or maybe has been discontinued, a fellow member will help them out. When there's a burning issue, a conversation string develops and strategies emerge. When business is quiet and they're looking for a great idea to increase traffic, they'll find it there.

Specials and Exclusives: NACTA works with various vendors to bring special deals and exclusive products to our members. In addition, we are working ever more closely with manufacturers to increase their understanding of the needs of Celtic retailers and bring the products that you want to the marketplace.

Promotions: NACTA offers members the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. For example, Home to Ireland - a simple yet effective way to generate excitement and drive business to your shop. By completing an entry blank in your store or on your website, your customers can enter to win a trip to Ireland for two to Ireland - at no cost to you! This is just one of the many opportunities that come your way as a member of NACTA.

Travel & Tours: NACTA's Tour and Travel program enables retailers to offer their customers significant discounts on travel to Ireland and the British Isles while building a lucrative travel business.

Celtic Marketplace Trade Show: Celtic Marketplace is organized by NACTA and is dedicated to serving the needs of retailers. There you will find the widest range of Celtic products from over 100 exhibitors. Members LOVE this show and most will tell you they consider the networking and educational aspect of the show to be as important as the buying opportunity.