Understanding Celtic Symbols

Celtic SymbolsA marvelous sales tool for your store! This 16-page booklet features drawings and explanations of popular Celtic symbols. Almost every page describes a product, or a design on a product that you sell in your shop! Printed in Ireland.

After extensive research and collaboration Understanding Celtic Symbols was launched in April 2009 and has proven to be a valuable sales tool as well as a strong seller as a stand-alone item.

"Almost every product in our member stores features a design or symbol that is intrinsically Celtic" said Fran Siefert, NACTA President, who spearheaded the project and devoted countless hours bringing it to fruition. "Customers like to know the meaning of these symbols, and while it is part of what we do - explaining such things to our customers - this piece makes it so much easier, particularly when you are not in your store and are depending on staff to relate information".

Understanding Celtic Symbols features drawings and explanations of the more popular Celtic symbols like the Claddagh, the Trinity Knot and the Shillelagh in addition to explanations of Ogham, Celtic crosses and the less well known symbolism of animals in Celtic design. The cover graphics are evocative of stained glass in rich illuminated tones of green and gold.

"We are particularly proud that the booklet was printed in Ireland, and we thank Mike O'Donoghue of Killarney Printing for making this possible", said Siefert. "This is definitely another selling point for my customers".

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