Helpful Hints for the Travel Program

How to Sell Individual Places on Scheduled CIE Tours

When a customer expresses interest in traveling to Ireland on a tour, present them with the brochure and have them call the toll free number on the cover.  If you don't have brochures, just give them the telephone number 866-622-2244 and we will do the rest.  Or, get your customers' telephone number and we will call them.  Either way, you can assure them of the highest customer service and personal attention as well as a terrific vacation! After the tour has returned you will receive your commission without having to do anything further!

New for 2011 - Your Customers Recieve a 5% Discount! 
NACTA's 5% discount on land prices means that your customers will pay less when they book with you (NACTA) than if they booked directly with CIE tours!  Let them know this!
What's more, the coupon CAN be combined with other offers so they can really save big!  This discount coupon is on the back cover of the 2011 brochure as well as on flyers which are available to you free of charge. These flyers are a valuable sales tool. We urge you to use them. They are ideal for distributing at open houses or festivals and digital graphics are available in our Image Bank so you can offer this discount on your website too.  We have plenty of these flyers available, so when you run out ask us for more - at no cost to you! 

You can let your customer know that an escorted coach tour with CIE Tours is a great way to travel.  Advantages include: 

  • Stress free vacation - No worries about driving or finding your way around.
  • Cost control (since most meals and admissions to attractions can be included).
  • Wonderful, knowledgeable tour guides who make it entertaining and fun. 
  • Friendships made with people on the tour, especially if traveling alone.
  • Great way to go for the first-time visitor - many people return independently for their next trip.
  • Opportunity to see a lot more than you could if traveling independently

Travel Open House / Customer Information Event

A great way to fire up your travel sales is to host an Open House for customers who might be interested in a vacation in Ireland. It's easy and will generate goodwill and customer loyalty in addition to travel sales. NACTA will provide you with guidelines and ideas, and depending on your location, a CIE representative can come to your event to provide your customers with detailed tour information. Your event should be welcoming and festive - reflecting what they are going to experience in the Emerald Isle!