Travel Program Details

NACTA's Tour and Travel program enables our member shops to sell travel to their customers and earn commission on each booking. Yes, all those questions you answer and advice you give to your customers regarding their trip to Ireland can now be a profit center for you! NACTA serves as your Travel Agent and does all the work - you do nothing but distribute the brochures or discount flyers. It's really that easy! You receive commission on all bookings that are generated through your store. You can sell as little as one place or fill an entire coach, earning commission on each place you sell!

CIE Tours International has printed brochures specifically for NACTA, which feature our contact information and our discount coupon on the back cover. A message from NACTA president on the inside front cover thanks consumers for supporting their local Celtic shop. There is no charge for brochures. Shipping cost is deducted from your commmission check so no commission, no cost!

Since it's inception in 2004, the program has been tremendously successful and has developed into a substantial revenue stream for many of our members. It is very easy to participate and you can do so in a number of ways.

  • Make CIE brochures available to your customers for individual bookings. Earn commission by simply talking to your customers about tours and giving them the CIE brochure or discount flyer. NACTA will do the rest. You receive $75 for each individual booking. It couldn't be easier!
  • Create a custom tour for your store exclusively. NACTA will work with you on all aspects - itinerary, pricing, marketing etc. and YOU decide how much commmission you want to make.
  • Share a custom tour with another store. If you are unsure that you can fill a tour on your own, why not consider sharing a tour with another store? NACTA will let you know which of your fellow members are interested in this option and assist you in designing the tour and managing the details.