Travel Program Endorsements

What members are saying about the Travel Program...

"I chatted with a customer who was considering a trip to Ireland and gave her a brochure. She called NACTA office and booked a tour for herself, her husband and two friends. A month later I received a check for over $1,000!"
Caron Sullivan, Sullivan's Irish Alley, Flushing, MI

"I take customers to Ireland several times a year on tours. It builds customer loyalty and is an important part of my business."
Susan Banks, Faith & Begorra, Denville, NJ

"In the past I never suggested an organized tour to Ireland to my customers, I always said hire a car and see Ireland on your own. Then I went on a CIE tour to see what it was all about and absolutely loved it! The ease of travel, meeting new friends and the top notch hotels, activities and meals was such a stress-free holiday I now tell my customers try a tour - you'll have a ball!"
Cynthia McBurney, Kathleen's of Dublin, Portland, OR

"Our shop booked 14 people on the Experience Ireland tour earning us over three thousand dollars in commission! Participating in this shared tour was a great way to get our feet wet. We didn't have to shoulder the burden of filling the tour on our own and now we know we have real potential for tour business in our store". 
Fran Siefert, Ballyhugh Irish Imports

"NACTA is very aware of the need to provide your customers with quality products and outstanding service. When it comes to CIE Tours, we are confident that we have partnered with the best in the business."
Neville Gardner, Donegal Square, Bethlehem, PA